Rukard Group, is currently developing multi-family projects throughout Los Angeles with an emphasis in the San Fernando Valley. They develop projects with visualization for long term cash flow and construct in progressive areas who have demand for their use. By utilizing private equity, Rukard Group purchases undervalued or distressed properties with no debt service, until development plans are approved. During their submittal process with the city, they obtain construction financing, ensuring they are always low leveraged. Rukard Group’s mission, is to drive profits to their maximum level while minimizing risk, as they invest in thriving communities for generations to come.

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Property management, is all about the fine details. Everything about Rukard Group revolves around credibility, quality, efficiency and transparency. The company prides themselves in forming relationships with independent contractors who are great at what they do, amongst the most cost efficient form for the tenant.

A few of the many services we offer are below:


– Effective advertising and maximum exposure of your property to prospective tenants within the area


– Comprehensible monthly financial reports


– Reliable and dependable maintenance crew whom are available on demand 24/7


– Improving your bottom line by always netting you more dollars


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Over the years, Rukard Group has formed many important relationships with the local active buyer pool, really understanding the importance of creating a competitive bidding environment amongst the the most qualified buyers when selling an asset.

Multi-faceted, at Rukard Group they consist of experienced real estate professionals who specialize strictly within multi-family investments in the San Fernando Valley. Some clients may be hesitant with change, but their mission is to provide a detailed and thorough evaluation for the asset, that in turn, creates a better informed business decision. Whether the client’s decision may be to hold, refinance, 1031 Exchange or sell, their choice is supported by Rukard Group’s approach. In the end, Rukard Group’s goal is to create long-term relationships, while combining their market knowledge and experience to provide support for the client in today’s prospering real estate market. Knowledge is power and Rukard Group takes pride in their market knowledge they have acquired and apply daily.

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